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Professional Confessional

A blog providing tips and resources for life after college

Welcome to the Professional Confessional!

We are excited to launch this professional development blog providing tip, tools, and resources for arts and sciences undergraduates’ preparation for life after college.  Follow us on the journey to life after college whether you are seeking your first job, graduate school, or self-discovery with a gap year.  The blog will house special series featuring timely and relevant topics for student professional development.

This summer, the blog is launching its first series – TIPS – The Internship Professional Series.  The internship series will provide tips and advice from experts in the Office of Personal and Career Development, employers, and current student interns for success before, during, and after the internship.   You may be asking…What is professional development?  Why is it important?  I’m still in college, why are professional skills important to me now?

Here are few reasons why:

1. Employers and graduate schools are seeking the following skills from today’s graduates: Collaboration; Verbal, Written, and interpersonal communication; Problem solving; Critical thinking; Analytical reasoning; Technical computer skills. By learning and practicing these skills now, you make yourself much more competitive for jobs and graduate school after you graduate.

2. Developing these skills better prepares you for future academic work: Group work, presentations, and writing papers are a part of life at Wake Forest.  By learning how to work effectively in teams, give polished presentations, and apply critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills in one class, you will be much better equipped to employ those same skills in another and in graduate school.

3. Developing these skills better prepares you to compete for internships: Today’s job market is extremely competitive.  Internship experiences are essential for landing job offers, and expected by prospective employers.  Professional skills make you a more competitive candidate for these internship opportunities; also, internships are great experiences to further develop these professional skills.

Join us on the first adventure – The Internship Professional Series.  The series will help prepare you for the internship, and develop your professional self and the skills most sought-after for life after college.

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