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Diary of an Intern: The First Week

Our student interns have experienced their first few days and week at their internships.  They have already discovered the internship is not only an experience to learn how to navigate the world of work, but to navigate a big city.

Let’s find out how their first few days and week went, how they navigate their big cities, and view pictures of where they work.

Zach Garbiso

New York Subway Stop

Not the stop I take for my internship.

 Hey everyone! I just started my internship on Monday, June 10th with Condé Nast in Editorial for Details Magazine.  The day started at roughly 9:30 AM, where we were introduced to the history of the Condé Nast brand.  From there, we were sent to our magazines to meet with our mentors and departments.  I am lucky enough to work with a lot of really talented people from whom I am anxious to learn a lot.  

Since I just barely started my internship, I decided to dedicate more of my entry to living in the overwhelming city that is NYC. This summer, I am living in Brooklyn Heights.  Since the Condé Nast Building is located in Times Square, I had to learn how to maneuver the ever-intimidating subway.  However, I fortunately only have to board one train in the basement of my building and take it all the way into the city, where I leave the train at the 42nd street/Times Square stop.  The picture is not the stop I take for my internship, which I found out the hard way…(you learn more when you get lost a few times…right?)

NYC - Times Square

Times Square

When you “come up for air” out of the subway, at the correct stop, you arrive in Times Square.  Cool, huh?

Condé Nast

Condé Nast Building

If you’re ever in the city, I have advice for you: DO NOT TAKE CABS!  The subway is a LOT cheaper, quicker, and extremely convenient.  I was terrified of it when I first got to New York City, but don’t worry!  There’s an app for that.  It’s called “Embark NYC” on the iPhone App Store and you can use your current location and even type in your final destination (doesn’t have to be a train stop, it can be an actual address), and it will give you step by step directions.


Embark NYC Subway App

As you can see, if you’re the kind of person who can read maps, the app also provides a map of each line and where it takes you.  But if you’re like me, and end up at 47th and 7th when you’re trying to go to Times Square, the app will make sure you get there safely.  I think that I have the subway system somewhat figured out, which means now all I have on my plate is focusing on my internship.

Zach Garbiso, ‘14 – Psychology major and English and Spanish minors

Editorial Intern at Details magazine in NYC




The view from my room looking up at night.

I started off my summer internship experience by moving into Intern Housing on the Georgia Tech campus. The dorms are really nice because they were built to house athletes for the 1996 Olympic games that Atlanta hosted. They are apartment style with 4 single bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a shared kitchen and living room area. They overlook the highway.


My building is the red brick one on the right!

There is A LOT of traffic in Atlanta. It is a little strange hearing cars at 3 AM 10 stories up, but that is the Atlanta way!

To the right…Having a view like this makes the traffic worth it! 

On the left is a view of my dorm on my morning walk to the MARTA station.

My internship is at the High Museum of Art. The High Museum of Art is part of the Woodruff Arts Center, which houses the Alliance Theatre, Young Audiences, the Atlanta Symphony, and of course, the High, all on one campus in Midtown Atlanta.


High Museum on the morning of my first day.

As you can see from the large hanging banner on the side of the building, we are getting ready for the opening of a major traveling exhibition to the High, Girl with a Pearl Earring: Dutch Paintings from the Mauritshuis. For more information, check out the website: http://www.high.org/Art/Exhibitions/Mauritshuis-Collection.aspx. This is a really special exhibition because it is Girl with a Pearl Earring’s second time in the United States. The exhibition will visit only 3 US cities, San Francisco, Atlanta, and New York City. We have been in full-on promotion mode since the exhibition opens June 23rd. I spent my first afternoon calling restaurants within walking distance of the High to see if I could drop off some promotional flyers and then delivering these flyers directly to the restaurants. I am starting to learn my way around the area very quickly! I will be helping with a commercial that the High is filming for the exhibition. I was asked to play the part of paparazzi in the commercial, so that should be a fun experience!


My desk at the High Museum.

I feel very welcome at the High. I work closely with everyone in the Communications department. I have my own cubicle with a computer and phone in the administrative building. They even made a welcome sign for my first day! I am loving my internship so far, and I cannot wait to see where these next 8 weeks will go!

~Laura Jurotich, ‘15 – History and Art History major

Marketing and Public Relations Intern at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta

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