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TIP: Building a Network at Work

You’re meeting new people and developing relationships with your colleagues.  This group is an important one to nurture during your summer job or internship.  You may be asking…What is the best way to build a network at work?  How do I foster those relationships?

Here is what a few of our employers say:

Julie Armstrong, Talent Management

Ultimately, managing your career is your responsibility – this is something that you’ll have a true appreciation for when you enter the workforce after graduation.  And one of the most valuable ways you will manage your career and pursue your passions is through the network you’ll create.  To do this during your internship, consider speaking to your manager about your interests and areas of the organization you’d like more insight into.  Ask him or her if there is someone he or she would be willing to introduce you to; ask if there are meetings you would be allowed to attend and observe.  Learn the art of the “informational interview” – this is where you ask someone for 30 or so minutes of their time to meet, perhaps over coffee, so that you learn about what they do, their career path, and elicit their input on your own career path.  Come prepared for these types of informal meetings – you should drive the conversation.  Finally, take advantage of the various events and activities your workplace has to offer: lunch-‘n-learns, employee resource networks, town hall meetings, team activities, etc.  These offer great opportunities to network.


Lauren Dealexandris, Director of Intermodal Finance

Staying in touch with people through various means, and getting back to them quickly when they reach out to you is very important in building and maintaining relationships. Open communication and challenging is much easier when you have a previously established relationship, which makes advancing business issues and solutions more effective.


Ashton Longest, Recruiter

In a firm as large as Deloitte, it’s honestly very easy to build your network rapidly. From day one, you will have the opportunity to meet individuals of all levels through recruiting functions, training/orientation, engagement team assignments, the counselor/mentor program, intern events, business resource groups and community service activities. We strongly encourage all of our employees to build their network and leverage it for their own career growth, so it’s important to remember names and keep in touch with the individuals you have met through our people networks. Everyone within our firm, from our Global CEO down, is extremely approachable and desires to expand their network as well by getting to know you.


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