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Diary of an Intern: People-Projects-Skills

Our student interns are now over a month into their internships.  They are meeting people, working hard, and developing skills.

Let’s find out what they have been doing the last few weeks.

Zach GarbisoI am one of the editorial interns for Details magazine, so I work with the editorial department (comprised of senior editors, associate editors, etc.).  Throughout the day, I get assigned tasks from different editors, allowing me the opportunity to work with–and learn from many different people.  The projects vary greatly, but I’m mainly doing research and fact checking, completing clip files (articles or stories already published in past magazines or newspapers) and writing reports for editors.  Another one of the important responsibilities of an editorial intern includes transcribing interviews that the writers or editors have already conducted.

I’m honing a lot of different skills that I have developed during my time at Wake Forest. Through the extracurriculars that I’m involved with, I have developed organizational and time management skills.  I have had the opportunity to foster those already established skills while working with editors in a real-world setting.  When an editor asks to finish a project by the end of the day, I need to make sure that I complete the task by the deadline – no questions asked.  It’s a completely different environment than the one at college, where there is always another assignment that can hinder the time frame in which a task gets completed.

~ Zach Garbiso, ‘14 – Psychology major and English and Spanish minors

Editorial Intern at Details magazine in NYC


 LauraI am the intern for the Communications department, so I am working closely with the Manager of Advertising and Promotions and the Public Relations Specialist. I am also working with the web designer and freelance PR specialist. I have been doing a lot of the Digital Marketing Manager projects until the new one that we have hired starts on July 8th. I am also working with other departments through various projects that come up, as well as learning about each department through our Friday lunch and learn series.

I am developing a wide variety of skills, from public relations and advertising to managing the High’s Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts, as well as organizational skills through organizing the High’s presence at the recent Old Fourth Ward Park Arts Festival. I have also learned how to operate time lapse cameras, work with outside companies for social media content and integrating it into a larger social media calendar, and guerrilla marketing through hand-delivering fliers to different local businesses. I honestly never know what each day will bring, and due to this variety, I have been able to develop a wide range of skills and learn how to do each task as it comes up. I try to figure out how to complete different projects as they come up as I learn better by trying first and then asking for help if I cannot figure out what I need to do.

I have also honed my communications skills through what seems like millions of emails, as well as phone calls, conference calls, face-to-face meetings, etc. I have also worked on being proactive and trying to solve problems as they come up or any that I might anticipate. I also look for projects where I believe I can add value, such as the High’s Pinterest account. I noticed that not a lot had been done with it recently, so I asked my supervisor who was in charge of the account. She then gave me this responsibility, and it has become one of my favorite projects. I enjoy seeing what boards other museums have made, as well as seeing what pins get the most response from our followers. I have learned the value of seeking out projects that I find interesting from this experience.

~Laura Jurotich, ‘15 – History and Art History major

Marketing and Public Relations Intern at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta

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