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TIP: Receiving Feedback on Your Performance

Before you leave your internship, you’ll want to gather feedback from your supervisor.  Seeking feedback helps you uncover your hidden strengths and weaknesses.  The feedback is based on your performance and skills demonstrated during the internship.  Unlike your academic coursework, you don’t receive a grade on every task you complete on the job.  Oftentimes, the only time you receive feedback on your work is during annual evaluation.  However, you may be fortunate to have frequent meetings with your supervisor to solicit feedback on your performance throughout the year.  The internship is a great place to practice receiving feedback in a professional manner.  It is best to have these conversations in person rather than by phone or email.  This can be accomplished by requesting a meeting with your supervisor.  Don’t wait until the last day of your internship or after you leave!  Schedule the meeting one to two weeks prior to your departure date.  Therefore, your job performance and contributions will be fresh on his/her mind.

Make it easy for your supervisor by providing him/her with a performance feedback evaluation form.  Prior to the meeting, use the form to reflect upon your experience and self-evaluate each competency area.  If you kept a journal of internship projects and experiences, use it as a reference to write down concrete examples of how you demonstrated specific skills.  The form will help guide the conversation with your supervisor.  “An oral review of the written evaluation can provide you with several benefits, including preparation for performance review sessions with future employers, meaningful self-reflection on the significance of the work-learning experience, and focused dialogue with a professional in the field about your readiness for a particular career path or position.  Most importantly, in-depth discussions centered upon established performance standards could enhance the likelihood that you would leave the internship with a more realistic understanding of your professional performance.”[1] This may be the only opportunity to receive specific feedback on your work as an intern.  Ask your supervisor to review the form, rate your performance, and provide examples of skills demonstrated during the internship.  These examples will help guide you in further developing your skills for life after college.

When you return to school, use the feedback evaluation form (from your reflection and the feedback received from your supervisor) to select areas for improvement, and seek opportunities to build those skills in the coming year.  The skill-building directory is a great resource for searching for opportunities on campus to develop and strengthen your skills.  I encourage you to continue building your professional skill set by using a variety of methods such as academic coursework, extra-curricular and co-curricular experiences, and educational workshops.

[1] http://www.naceweb.org/s06122013/intern-performance-review.aspx

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