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Fall Back into Reflection

Classes ending and exams looming; it’s the end of the semester. After taking a day or two recovering from exam week, slow down and take a moment to reflect.

Too often we don’t make time to reflect on our experiences. We rush to the next “event” without giving much thought to what happened minutes ago. We want to check the box and move on. During the winter break, reflect upon the semester – the courses you completed, the extracurricular activities you participated in, and other experiences. Think about your intention and goals set for these areas. The process will help you develop yourself as well as capture stories you can use for future internships and job interviews.

Schedule time now before temptation surrounds you to put it off for another day. To help guide the reflection process, print or download the reflection exercise worksheet. Use the questions to discover who you are, your interests, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Upon completion of the reflection exercise, you may need to adjust your semester and/or annual goals based on the information gathered about yourself, courses, and activities. If needed, modify your goals. Goals do not have to be static. They are a measure to keep you on track toward your desired end result.

Before winter break takes hold and the new semester starts, fall back into reflection.

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