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Your Winter Break To-Do List – Part 3

Here is your last item or three for your winter break to-do list. Rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Follow these 3 Rs:

1) Rest. Get plenty of sleep. You can’t catch up on lost sleep from the late night cramming. This is your chance to get some much needed shut eye. It will be tempting to stay up late to catch up on your favorite TV show’s episodes and movies you didn’t have a chance to watch during the semester. Our bodies and brains need rest to reboot our systems.

Also, I encourage you to designate a few days a week to rise early (at a reasonable time). You don’t want to sleep the day away. Though, I don’t blame you for wanting to take the first few days to veg and just be. You’ve earned it. You’ve worked hard. However, you want to have a productive winter break too. On the days you want to knock out those items on your to-do list, set your alarm as if you are going to an early morning class or a job. Designate a space in your house as the work zone without distractions or grab a coffee and work at the local coffee shop. Schedule work days and rest days, or set aside a few hours to be productive and a few hours to rest each day.

2) Relax. Take time to curl up on a couch, read a good fiction, visit with family, hang out with friends or reconnect with old ones. Choose a healthy approach to do what helps you relax. Also, I challenge you to disconnect from technology for a day. We are so wired to stay connected that we feel guilty unplugging from the world. You may be surprised at how much you become more aware of who’s and what’s around you when you let go of the technology. We are so connected that we are disconnected. Reconnect with yourself and others on a personal, authentic level. Be fully present in the moment.

3) Rejuvenate.  Revive your favorite hobby that you postponed during the semester. Try something new such as learn to play an instrument or take a class at a local community college. Exercise has restorative qualities too. Take a stroll in your neighborhood minus the smartphone and iPod. Enjoy the sights and sounds to its fullest. Also, getting out of a routine sparks breakthrough and renewed energy. What will ignite new energy for you or renew your spirit? Go and do it.

Let go and disconnect from the source(s) of stressors. Use rest, relaxation and rejuvenation as a catalyst to rediscovering who you are.

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