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Following Up after the Interview

Set yourself apart from other candidates by following up with the recruiter or hiring manager. Hopefully, you sent a handwritten thank you note expressing your appreciation for the interview and interest in the position. You may follow up the thank you note with an email to inquire about the decision-making process if not stated after the interview. You don’t want to be pesky and show desperation. However, don’t let two weeks or more go by without contacting the recruiter. Surprisingly other candidates may never follow up after an interview. Thus, losing a chance to reconnect with the employer and keep their names top-of-mind. You will make an impression by showing your interest in and persistence with working for the company. “Timely follow-up is a good show of faith. It’s a decidedly effective way to reiterate your interest in a firm,” affirms a Deloitte recruiter.

Also, you are maintaining a connection to the company. If you don’t receive an offer, build a bridge for another opportunity. It is appropriate to thank them for the opportunity and tell them to keep you in mind for future opportunities. By planting the seed, you may receive a call requesting you to apply for another position. “Moreover, follow up is a way to maintain your network…So, cultivate that relationship!!” says a BlueCross BlueShield recruiter. Stay connected. If you find an interesting article related to their industry, share it with him/her. It shows you have interest in news and trends related to the company and industry. Below is a sample email:

Subject line: Product Manager Position

Hi (fill in with Mr./Ms. name of addressee),

We spoke on (fill in date of interview) about the product manager position at XYZ Industries. In our conversation, you highlighted some emerging trends in food packaging. I noticed this attached article about the same topic and thought of you. I hope you find the information useful!

I am excited about the career opportunity that XYZ Industries offers. I look forward to receiving your decision in regard to the product manager position.

Warm regards,

(Fill in your first and last name)

Contact information or email signature

The sample is a perfect example reminding the recruiter who you are, the connection (interview for the product manager position), and the conversation (emerging trends in food packaging). Also, you are sharing an article related to the topic (interest in the industry), and expressing continued interest in the position.

So, remember: 1) Follow up on decision-making process; 2) Stay top-of-mind – share an interesting article/video related to the interview’s conversation topic or industry news/trends; 3) No offer received – thank them for the opportunity and express interest in future opportunities at the company; and 4) Continue to maintain the connection – share more than you receive.


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