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Diary of an Intern – Introducing our Student Contributors

Welcome to our Diary of an Intern’s student contributors! Our Diary of an Intern series will feature student interns sharing their internship experiences this summer. They will be working and developing skills in a variety of industries. Follow them on their journey of discovering the world of work, skill development, and the lessons learned in the process.

My name is Charles Thomas and I’m from Connecticut.  As a Politics and International Affairs major, I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to intern with the Royal Geographical Society’s Hong Kong branch this summer.  First established in the United Kingdom, The Royal Geographical Society (RGS) is considered the largest scholarly geographical society in the world, with a mission to enhance a shared understanding of our interdependent world.  I do not yet know specifically what I will be doing, but I have great enthusiasm for out-of-the-box problem solving and I enjoy exposure to new situations.  Through my opportunity with RGS, I am excited to further explore my academic/career interests and to immerse myself in the culture of Hong Kong.  I look forward to sharing my experiences on this blog as I endeavor to broaden my global perspective both on and off the job.

Charles Thomas ’16 –Politics and International Affairs major, Communication and Entrepreneurship double minor


Hello all! My name is Maeghan Livingston and I am a rising senior at Wake Forest University. My love for people and my desire to become a positive catalyst for change in the world has driven my academic interest in Sociology as a major; these desires have also influenced my career interest in the education sector.

As a native of a rural and impoverished small town in North Carolina, I have had the wonderful  opportunity to attend one of the top universities in the country. This experience has equipped me with opportunities, skills, and perspectives that I would otherwise not have had access to. As a result, I know that I will achieve a certain level of success as a professional woman of color that many of my peers from my hometown will not. Economic strife has hindered many of my friends from more than the achievement of their goals, but even the sheer pursuit of them. For this reason, I have become dedicated to equipping all students, especially those in areas like mine, with the resources and education necessary to make their dreams realities.

Teach for America is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a quality education to students living in impoverished areas, similar to my own. All corps members attend a Summer Institute where they will undergo intensive training to prepare them for success in the classroom. I am excited to be working as an Operations Coordinator at a Teach for America Summer Institute.  I will be located at the regional institute for the Greater Nashville Area in Tennessee and working specifically with Residential operations.

What do I hope to gain from this amazing summer with Teach for America? Thanks for asking! My first goal is to continue to develop as a professional; this entails nurturing habits which are essential to becoming an effective and quality professional. An example of this practice is working in a timely manner and always submitting my best quality work. Setting and meeting expectations with my team is also a part of this vision. In my role, I also desire to develop meaningful relationships with my team, fellow staff and corps members. Relationship building is an integral component of any great experience and really helps shape a successful work environment.

I look forward to sharing the challenges and successes I experience during my time with Teach for America in Nashville this summer. I am really excited to blend my passion for service with an opportunity to develop personally and professionally. My hope is that you are encouraged to pursue your passions by my experience, and gain advice which will help further your own professional development.

Cheers to a great summer!

Maeghan Livingston ’15 – Sociology major


My name is Laura Jurotich, and I am a rising senior from Birmingham, Alabama. I am a double major in History and Art History. I am interning this summer in the Public Programs department at the Nantucket Historical Association in Nantucket, Massachusetts. This will be my third internship, as I have spent the previous two summers in the Communication and Public Relations department at the Birmingham Museum of Art in Birmingham, Alabama and in the Marketing and Public Relations department at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia, respectively. These internship experiences solidified my potential career path in the museum field and have made me eager for museum experience outside the art world. I am surrounded by Civil War and Civil Rights history in the South, but I have not gotten to see many early 18th and 17th century American towns. Thus, I am so excited to spend the summer exploring and learning about one of America’s most historic and treasured early settlements. I have never lived outside of the Southeast, so living on a tiny island (less than 50 square miles) 30 miles from the mainland in the Northeast will be a big change, but it is one that I am ready for. I will head up to the island on May 30th, settle in over the weekend to the historical home where the other NHA interns and I will be living, and begin a week of orientation on June 2nd. I am excited to share my experiences with you all!

Laura Jurotich ’15 – History and Art History double major


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