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Diary of an Intern: Laura’s Self Discovery & Reflection – Part 1

Congratulations to our Diary of an Intern series’ student blog contributor, Laura Jurotich! She completed her summer internship. Laura’s final posts are reflections on self discovery and experience as an intern. Laura will share what she learned about herself and the skills developed during the internship. Read her reflection in a 2-part series – Diary of an Intern: Self Discovery and Reflection.

Let’s learn what Laura discovered about herself and the experience interning at the Nantucket Historical Association on Nantucket Island.

Laura JurotichI have learned so much about myself from my summer Public Programs internship at the Nantucket Historical Association. I originally thought that I wanted to exclusively work in a larger art or history museum, but after working with the amazing staff at the NHA, I could see myself working at a local history museum or historical association. I was primarily interested in working at a historical association this summer to expand my museum work experience from solely art museums, and I have discovered that I have a passion for both lines of work. While I have enjoyed my past two summers working in PR and Marketing at museums, but I found that my passion lies in public programs. I love creating memorable experiences for visitors that combine fun events with educational components in a beautiful space.

            I have also learned that I really enjoy living in larger cities. While living in the small community of Nantucket is so lovely and idyllic in so many ways, I have missed the resources that have come with living in a larger, easily accessible city on the mainland. I have loved my summer on this beautiful island, but I have realized that I am more suited for the mainland in many ways.

            I am going to use this experience to search for further museum work, preferably in public programs at an art or history museum in Washington DC, when I graduate in May.

Laura Jurotich ’15 – History and Art History double major


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