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Diary of an Intern: Lauren’s Self Discovery & Reflection – Part 2

Congratulations to our Diary of an Intern series’ student blog contributor, Lauren Friezo! She completed her summer internship. Lauren’s final posts are reflections on self discovery and experience as an intern. Lauren will share what she learned about herself and the skills developed during the internship. Read her reflection in a 2-part series – Diary of an Intern: Self Discovery and Reflection.

Let’s read what Lauren learned from her experience and the advice she gives to future interns. Fantastic tips on networking and landing an internship via social media!

Lauren FriezoMy internship with restaurant critic and author Gael Greene pushed me to become a sharper thinker and a more creative writer. It’s amazingly difficult to write about food in a way that captures every tiny taste and texture. In order to do so, you have to think outside the box. Food writers have to be detailed, descriptive and thorough, yet also allow their own voices and experiences to shine through. Those who master this become great storytellers like Ms. Greene. Editing her work firsthand was a great way to learn. I will definitely continue this multi-faceted approach to writing in my English courses and in my job as Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus Wake Forest.

I was surprised by how important technology is for a writer. Nowadays, writers don’t just write. They do everything…promoting themselves through social media, running their own websites using HTML and CSS and editing their photographs with Photoshop. If I want to enter into this field, I will definitely have to sharpen these skills. I plan to further develop my skills in this area by taking an Introduction to Adobe Photoshop and InDesign course over winter break.

I am interested to see how writers exist within larger companies. I now know that I enjoy this industry. The past two summers have exposed me to a world of food and restaurant reviews, but what about food publications? What about Gourmet magazine? Or what about television stations, like Food Network? Through searching the Linkedin Wake Forest Alumni group, I was able to connect and meet with a few of these professionals in NYC. It was a great way to end a great summer!

For others interested in a career in food writing or restaurants, I have a few suggestions. The first is to check Twitter constantly. I actually scored this internship through responding to a tweet from @GaelGreene. She tweeted that she needed an intern, and I answered. Don’t underestimate the power of social media, especially in such a fast-paced industry. If you want to work for someone, follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Make yourself knowledgeable, and then when an internship opening is mentioned, pounce. One more thing — make sure your resume is 100% ready to go so you can answer immediately. Of course, the OPCD can help with that!

Lauren Friezo, ‘15 – English major

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