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Diary of an Intern: Laura’s Self Discovery & Reflection – Part 2

Congratulations to our Diary of an Intern series’ student blog contributor, Laura Jurotich! She completed her summer internship. Laura’s final posts are reflections on self discovery and experience as an intern. Laura will share what she learned about herself and the skills developed during the internship. Read her reflection in a 2-part series – Diary of an Intern: Self Discovery and Reflection.

Let’s read Laura’s next steps and advice she gives to future interns. Insightful tips on researching and making connections!

Laura JurotichNow that my summer in Nantucket is over, my plan moving forward is to head back to Wake for senior year. I am a leader at the Summit (formerly Pre-School) pre-orientation program, so I am heading directly from Nantucket to Wake Forest to help lead a group of 75 freshmen at Camp Cheerio in the Blue Ridge mountains. I will graduate in May with a BA in History and Art History, and I plan to pursue finding a career in museum work in Washington, DC. Since DC is a major cultural hub for arts and history and has such a strong presence of Wake Forest alumni, I think that it would be a nice place to start out my post-grad life.

My advice to other students seeking internships is to apply early and often. Start looking for internships and make lists of where to apply in November and December. Winter break is a great time to apply since the process can be intensive and time consuming, and it is tough to add that to your already hefty workload at Wake. Treating the intern application process like the college application process is a good mindset to have; although that is not a super fun idea, you are more likely to gain acceptances that way. That being said, I think it is important to apply to a wide range of internships with three tiers of acceptance possibilities: most likely going to be accepted, maybe will be accepted, and then “reach” internships.

I also think that it is important to explain in a cover letter why this internship in particular suits your needs. Thus, it is always a good idea to do in-depth research on each internship so that you can include details in your cover letter or interview that show that you have done the background research work. I think it is also a good idea whenever possible to email someone directly in the department where you are applying. Just sending a quick note saying that you are applying for that internship and how you heard about it will help you gain immediate name recognition over other applicants. Making connections to past interns is also a plus; I have spoken in interviews for internships that I ended up accepting about past Wake students who I know who have also had that internship. Have faith in yourself, be disciplined in your search, use your connections, and you will have a great shot at landing a meaningful internship!

Laura Jurotich ’15 – History and Art History double major

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