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Follow Up with Your Connections

Send a thank you note to all employers whom you met at the career fair within 24-48 hours. It could be the difference between receiving a job or internship interview or not. If you don’t land an interview, you made an important connection…a bridge to life after college. These connections may become future references, networking connections, or a potential hiring manager. As a Wake Forest recruiter once stated, “It is an unbelievably small world and you never know when paths will cross again, so it is wise to build instead of overlook or burn bridges.”

Here are a few tips to writing a thank you note:

  1. Connect…to what you talked about during your conversation at the career fair. Reminding the employer of specific details from the conversation shows your interest in the position and your eagerness to learn. Reiterate your interest in the company and how your skills align with company goals. If you attended an employer info session, mention it and something you learned from attending.
  2. Proofread…your note. Employers have found spelling and grammatical errors which can hinder a candidate in the process.
  3. Forget something? Include your contact information and attach your resume. Be sure your resume is up-to-date and highlights skills aligned with what they are seeking.
  4. Timely…send the note within 24-48 hours. This will set you apart from the competition.

You want to be sure they remember you. You don’t want to be the candidate who didn’t follow up with a thank you note. You can send an e-mail thank you note to help meet the 24-48 hours deadline. However, follow it up with a more detailed handwritten or typed note (always sign the letter). Here are a few sample thank you notes.

Finally, this type of correspondence shows professionalism and maturity; it is not something everyone does, and you may be surprised at the responsiveness from employers. This helps build your brand and reputation.

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