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Wake on Break Checklist – Part 1

Cheryl HicksOPCD Expert Contributor – Cheryl Hicks, Assistant Director of Career Education and Coaching

We get it. It’s your vacation – time to kick back, indulge in holiday celebrations and partake in uninterrupted snoozing. But, fortunately, opportunity never sleeps which means there are ongoing possibilities to land that internship or job in the “near” future. Wake On Break was a program recently presented by the Office of Personal & Career Development (OPCD) for students making a commitment over the winter break to utilize tools and resources in creating a self-development plan for career search preparation.

The following is a checklist of ways to be career prep productive in this time of loll and lounging:

  1. For those trying to decide which major to choose or which career path to consider, then taking a short assessment test may prove to be helpful. Assessment test results can give a depiction of where your interests lie, without giving a decision of exactly what to do. The results are more like “food for thought”, if you will.   Consider these two sites for quick, easy, and free assessment tests – O*Net and Authentic Happiness. The tests found on both sites give perspective to those agonizing questions surrounding “What would be a good fit for me?”!
  2. It is a far-gone conclusion that you cannot do much without a polished resume.   If you haven’t started one, now is a good time. If you do have a resume, now is a good time to ensure it is in pristine condition. The OPCD website has many resume templates created in Microsoft Word for easy manipulation. While you are home, ask someone to give you sound feedback after reviewing your resume. When you return to Wake Forest, visit the OPCD during resume review hours (Mon. – Thurs., 1:00pm – 4:00pm) for a quick, professional review of a document that will play an important role in opening doors.
  3. One of the most valuable resources for Wake Forest students is access to DeaconSource. Any company or organization actively recruiting Wake Forest students will most likely post their opportunities on DeaconSource – looking for any major, any year. Use this time to update your profile with recent career interests, which will help to ensure you receive e-mail notifications of those organizations recruiting on campus.

This should start you in the right direction. Check back next week for more tips on career and company exploration, networking, and how to attack your list of employers. Happy Holidays!

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