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You Can Pit Sit with Your Friends Any Day

3 Reasons why you should go to that noon Alumni Panel you skimmed over in your email

arts panel1.) Oh the Places You’ll Go

You never know who you might meet at an alumni event that can advance you 10 colorful squares forward on your Wake-tastic path toward “real life.” When I found out about the Deacs Speak: Media, Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations Panel, I dropped my lunch plans and snagged a spot at the event via Handshake. I knew that this would be a worthwhile networking opportunity for my post-grad future. As luck would have it, I made some fabulous new contacts in my area of interest! Which brings me to reason number two…

2.) If You Dream it… Speak it

Once you’re at the event, never be afraid to voice your passions or dream career plans. Often times there will be at least one alum in the room with a connection or story of someone they know doing exactly what you dream of doing! One of the panelists I met at Deacs Speak works for a beauty PR company and was able to connect with me with two of her contacts: one works in media relations for MTV and the other works at NBC News. These are two companies I am very interested in working for one day. Had I not expressed my passion for television news and entertainment, I may never have discovered two new connections.

3.) Adventure is Out There

Post grad life is a glistening pool of new experiences and possibilities just waiting for you to dive in head first; however, training starts now. From industry panels and career education courses to career fairs and career treks, Wake Forest and the OPCD are here to help you tap into these possibilities. The office encourages you to try new things and discover new interests. I encourage all students to take advantage of the resources that Wake offers. They are right at your fingertips. Find your adventure. Be present on campus. Attend talks, panels, and workshops. Don’t wait until after graduation to make a splash in your dream industry. Start now by making the most of what’s offered on campus and beyond. You never know the difference one event can make!

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